Ink Portraits

I had a small (3.5 x 5 in.) moleskine watercolor sketchbook lying around after the holidays and decided to start a simple portrait project. Each of these are sketched with an orange Verithin Prismacolor pencil, shaded with various tints of Higgins black ink, lined with Copic Multiliner pens, and finished off with gold or silver Finetec watercolor paints.

These paintings are centered around a theme of "natural beauty" and are referenced from pictures on Pinterest.

Ink watercolor of a young woman with large roses in her long wavy hair, a shimmery gown and intricate gold earrings.Black and white watercolor of a young woman in a vertical striped shirt with a messy bun and gold glasses.Black and white watercolor of a mixed woman in profile, with a thick fishtail braid to one side and gold bobby pins.Girl with cornrows on one side of her long hair leans her head on her hand. She wears a denim jacket and gold bangles.Black and white watercolor of a young woman with a golden butterfly in her long wavy hair. She is touching her cheek softly.A pale elven woman in profile with white hair, glittery cheeks, and an intricate Celtic knot earring.Black and white watercolor of an Asian woman smiling softly with thick eyebrows, full lips, and lots of freckles.A woman with her hair in a messy bun and wavy loose strands. She has retro gold-rimmed glasses and a finger to her lips.A young woman in a sleeveless shirt leans forward on a table with her chin in her hand, her eyes closed and smile wide.A woman in a knit sweater looks over her shoulder coyly.Young black woman in profile with a beauty mark above her lip. She has an intricate golden necklace and earrings.A young model in a frilly shirt with a beauty mark below her left eye and a golden flower in her shoulder-length wavy hair.A young black woman with shoulder-length hair in loose curls. She has a v-shaped golden necklace with many layers.A black woman with long locs twisted with a patterned scarf. She wears many necklaces with large beads and smiles joyfully.An Asian girl looks off to the side with her hair in a neat and tight ponytail.A pale Irish girl with a serious look. Her hair is tied in a loose twist and she is fully covered with freckles.A First Nations girl with long dark hair looks out from a large furry hood. She has white markings on her face.A young black woman with large doe eyes and a sweet smile. Her light colored hair is up in two buns.A thin Kenyan woman smiling with short natural hair, glasses, and a nose ring.An Asian schoolgirl with a curly bob haircut, poofy white blouse, and checkered pattern dress.A serious looking woman with long, straight dark hair and large golden disc earrings. She wears an elegant silky dress.An Indian woman with long wavy hair looks thoughtful. She has a dark saari and several bangles.An Arab woman with an elegant hijab smiles warmly. She has a dark gown and chunky gold necklace.A tanned woman looks serious and strong, her tank top showing her toned arms and her hair wrapped with a patterned scarf. She has large gold hoop earrings.A very pale woman with an undercut and short spiky hair on top looks intensely to the side. She has large, square glasses.A very thin punk-goth girl looking cat-like and sly. She has long dreadlocks, a moon-shaped necklace, and several face piercings.A pale girl with light colored hair cut in a neat bob. Her dark eyes and thick eyebrows stand out.A black woman smiling proudly, with big kinky hair and large gold earrings. She is wearing a smart striped blazer.A young Asian woman looking focused. She has long hair, straight cut bangs, and a tear-shaped golden necklace.A young androgynous girl with short, wispy hair and lots of freckles.