Watercolor & Ink

Some people say that watercolor is the hardest paint medium to work with, but I love its soft results. I use a variety of paints, including: Winsor & Newton professional watercolor tube paints, Bombay India Ink, Higgins ink (mixed with various amounts of water), Liquitex Acrylic Ink!, Daler Rowney Liquid Acrylic, and Ecoline liquid watercolor.

Ink wash, finetec gold watercolors, and graphite pencil (2019).
More background and watercolor practice (2018).
A challenge to force myself to create and finish a piece with a real background (2018).
Practicing watercolor shading and sheer layers. Outfit inspired by the fashion brand Zhennymph (2018).
Model and beauty/fashion blogger, Drew from Slovakia (2018).
Cool shirt on Pinterest inspired me, and I wanted to play with my magenta Bombay India Ink (2017).
Fanart of Lily Evans, one of my favorite Harry Potter characters (2017).
Character inspired by a Pinterest photo (2017).
Inspired by a girl I spotted in a coffee shop, plus a little imagination (2017).
Cute BFF's (2017).
Simple pic in preparation for Inktober (2017).
Inspired by a bad*** lady on Pinterest, in prep for Inktober (2017).
Practicing drawing men for Inktober; didn't turn out like the real model but kinda looks like Chris Hemsworth so who's complaining? (2017).
Prep for Inktober and playing with a pop of color (2017).
Testing out painting patterns (2017).
Abracadabra (2017).
Tried inking with a brush pen (2017).
A little witchy watercolor that I used for business cards (2016).
Mixed media with watercolor and prismacolor pencil (2016).
An early attempt at watercolor (2016).