About me

Curious at heart

I got into design through a lifetime of being an artist, an enthusiasm for technology, and a deep passion about improving peoples lives. My favorite hobby is learning, so there are very few art mediums I haven't dabbled in or topics I haven't tried to understand. In my opinion, the best part about being a designer is asking questions, digging deep into human behavior, learning about what makes people tick, testing out cool new technologies, and constantly questioning our assumptions. Learning new things and getting my hands dirty is what gets me out of bed every day.

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My process

Research everything

Everything I do starts with research. I typically analyze competitors, UX best practices, accessibility standards, and user feedback when available. I create personas to understand users and consider pain points.

Architect and wireframe

Part of my work involves information architecture, ensuring that the structure and organization of a website or app makes sense and that the bare bones of the product passes a proof of concept.

Design it in Sketch

I don't always spend my time in Sketch, but when I do my designs are something to see ;)

Iterate and improve

A good designer knows that the first pass is never the best result, so a crucial part of my process is to seek out critique and make improvements. I only consider myself successful after I've gone through a few rounds of poking holes in my ideas.

Prototype and measure

I use several tools to create prototypes at a variety of levels of fidelity, in order to demo designs to stakeholders and conduct user testing.

Celebrate success

There's nothing sweeter than shipping a finished product, and that can only be done through the collaborative effort of a team that appreciates each other's hard work.

Things I enjoy


Digital photography, digital and traditional illustration, photo editing, watercolor painting, character design, accessibility, usability, animation, branding, interaction design, typography


Reading, cats, coffee and tea, learning, running, international travel, DIY crafts and projects, drawing, painting, social justice, women's rights, diversity, animal welfare, environmental protection, intercultural issues

Software I know

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Adobe XD
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After Effects
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Axure RP 8
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Skills I have

Responsive design
Problem solving
Native app design
User interface
User experience
User research
Presentation skills
Journey Maps
Agile workflow
Human-Computer Interaction
Information architecture
Basic CSS
Basic HTML

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