Digital Art

I enjoy creating digital artwork as well as traditional art. It is fun for me because digital has unique capabilities. I use a Wacom Cintiq Pro tablet with Photoshop CC, or the Procreate app on my iPad Pro.

A digital illustration of a snow leopard's face, in a black-and-white pen-and-ink style.
In 2019, I did a few Inktober prompts using the iPad Pro instead of traditional mediums.
A moody Manon Blackbeak, from Sarah J. Maas' book series Throne of Glass, staring at the viewer in front of a cloudy full moon night sky. She has Asian features, with very pale skin, golden eyes, red lips, and white hair done in a long intricate braid. She wears a black dress and a red cloak with an open moon clasp at the throat.
Another Throne of Glass fanart, this time the amazing character Manon Blackbeak (2019).
A detailed digital piece of fanart from a scene in Sarah J. Maas' Queen of Shadows, in which Aelin forces Rowan to bathe and then washes his hair. In the scene, Rowan lounges in a clawfoot porcelain bathtub with an expression of pure relaxation, while Aelin sits on a stool behind the tub and massages his scalp. A window in the background overlooks a moonlit city,  with dozens of candles on the sill.
After reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, I just had to draw this scene.
A digital illustration of sci-fi-fantasy style elf. She has pinkish-purple skin, silvery-white hair, bright green eyes, and purple tribal marks on her nose, cheeks, chin, eyebrows, and biceps. She wears a thick leather choker with an oval metal design in the center, and a necklace with an intricate silver design shaped like an eye with a sapphire in the middle.
Pushing my shading and texturing skills on the iPad Pro, in Procreate App (2019).
A soft digital illustration of a freckled girl sitting cross-legged on the ground looking pensively over her shoulder. She's dressed in a loose, summery white blouse, light blue cotton shorts, and brown oxfords and her curly pink hair floats in the breeze. The background is a cotton-candy pink.
Just a doodle done on the iPad to keep practicing (2018).
Four vector illustrations of characters from the game Epic Seven. There is an redhead with long hair in a half bun shouting, a pink-haired assassin girl with two knives, a zombie-like girl in a black veil with a purple rose on top, and a nerdy brunette schoolgirl with tech gadgets.
A friend who plays the mobile game "Epic7" commissioned me to draw some characters in a chibi style. These are done in Illustrator.
A digital illustration of a red-headed witch looking sideways off the canvas. She wears a low-cut black dress with a high slit at the thigh, and has several tattoos, including a ravel, crystals, a rosemary plant, and other geometric shapes.
Testing out Kyle's watercolor brush plugins for Photoshop.
A digital style self-portrait of the artist. She is a brunette with blue eyes and freckles and lightly tanned skin. The girl is hopping on one foot, her arms out to the side for balance. She wears a silky white sleeveless blouse with colorful flowers, blue jean shorts, and flip-flops.
A quick self-portrait doodle of an outfit I wore, because I love this shirt (2018).
A digital illustration of a young African American witch. Her complexion is light brown with rosy cheeks and soft freckles, her hair fades from a medium purple to a light lilac at the tips of her curls. She is dressed all in purple, with a flowy, short periwinkle dress that has a subtle vertical vine pattern, a deep purple-black witch hat, and purple nail polish.
A cute floral witch from my purple phase.
A simple digital drawing of a pale girl with wavy, shoulder-length pink hair, bright blue eyes, and round pink-lens glasses. Her head is tilted and she looks whimsically toward the top corner of the canvas.
Experimenting with color schemes. iPad Pro with Procreate App (2018).
A young woman with curly shoulder-length pink hair, the top half pulled up into two buns. She is looking down and smiling, with one hand shyly resting on her neck. She's wearing a lilac jumpsuit with an open front, showing a strappy bustier underneath. She wears a choker necklace, rings on every finger, and has a cat with a third eye tattooed on her thigh.
Another floral witch from my purple phase.
A red haired woman stands before a dark purple starry background, which blends seamlessly into her dress. In one hand she holds a candle-lit lantern, and she is looking at the other hand which holds fairy dust that is spreading in the air.
Trying to create a cosmic feel with her dress and background.
A pale bluish-white skinned elf woman stands in a wide stance, a powerful flow of glowing pink magic streams between her two hands.
Playing around with creating magic effects.
A digital illustration of a young woman looking into the distance. She is lightly tanned with green eyes, and her brunette hair is pulled into two buns at the base of her neck. She has gold hoop earrings, a black choker necklace, two other necklaces in gold, and her light purple sweater hangs loosely off one shoulder.
One of my first pieces of artwork with the Procreate App for iPad Pro.
A digital illustration of a fit looking Latin American woman standing on the beach as small waves roll in. One hand pushes her purple hair out of her face, while the other holds a black sun hat. Her one-piece swimsuit is pink with jungle style leaves and has cutouts on the side.
Trying to create more interesting background.
A very stylized digital illustration of a woman looking off in the distance. She has bright red hair that fades to orange at the tips, red lipstick, and black cat ears. She wears a black bra and black mini-skirt, with a long-sleeve sheer black turtle-neck on top.
Just playing.
A realistic style digital illustration of a black girl in profile. It's summer, with plants and warm sunlight behind her. She has a colorful braided fabric woven in to her hair at her temple, and she has rows of white gemstones on her cheek below her light hazel eyes.
Inspired by a picture on Pinterest, and going for a realistic style.
A realistic style digital illustration of an Black woman posing for a photo on a set of train tracks. She's wearing a purple, geometric designed 3/4 sleeve shirt, a denim mini-skirt, and strappy black heels.
Realism practice.
A realistic style digital painting of a fashionable Asian woman walking through an empty city square. She has shoulder-length red hair, and wears a cream colored dress, thigh-high black heel boots, a gold belt and gold jewelry, and a long camel coat.
Realism practice.
A realistic-style digital illustration of a very pale girl with white-blond hair sitting on the sidewalk in front of a metal gate. She is wearing a colorful striped t-shirt, denim shorts, seafoam green sneakers, and large dangly earrings.
Realism practice.
A Disney-like illustration of Rey from Star Wars, dashing across desert sands.
Fanart of Rey from Star Wars.