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Mobile Health Apps

Designing a new digital product to bring StayWell into the current era of technology, and to provide a refreshing look on their well-established business goal of helping people live happier, healthier, more sustainable lives.

Native Mobile App
UI Designs, Prototypes, Visual Assets
Reinvigorate StayWell's message of helping people live happy, healthy, sustainable lives.
A modern native mobile app focused on users' holistic health and wellness.
Importance of strong information architecture in robust and deep apps.

My Process

I designed a mobile app from the ground up, focusing on the new principles to bring StayWell's message to life.

  • Net new branding: Colors, fonts, logo, etc.
  • Custom assets: Icons, illustrations, animations, etc.
  • Information architecture: Diagram all possible functional areas, plan for expansion.

Research & Analytics

StayWell had an industry-leading behavioral science research team, which I was able to work with to obtain valuable market information.

  • Market context: The eHealth app market is growing. In 2017, 28% of the entire health provider market was occupied by pure digital players.
  • Artificial intelligence: More and more companies are researching ways to use AI to improve their users' lives. As the trend continues, AI will be the dominant new technology in health and wellness.
  • Competitor analysis: Deep diving into competitor health apps.

Core Principles


  • Engagement with consumers must be based on trust and transparency.


  • Consumers view health and wellness holistically. They expect a focus on their full life experience.


  • 89% of US marketers reported that personalization on their websites or apps resulted in an increase in revenue.

Mental health

  • Emphasis on mental health is increasing, with more companies finding ways to address this issue digitally.

Project Execution

A major challenge of this project was establishing the user flow and information architecture. I was asked to create an extremely robust app that would include nearly all of StayWell's current capabilities: tracking measurable user data like steps, connecting to user employers to provide health programs and rewards, providing digital health programs and information, storing user information in a health profile, creating an online community for users to engage with one another, and more.

Therefore, I spent a lot of time considering the structure of the app, the information that users may want most readily available, and the paths they may take to get there. An initial concept had the app structured in a way that made sense to our stakeholders, but through more exploration I decided that the better user experience was to group features based on context so that users could find all information about a particular topic in one place.


During the project, StayWell underwent a rebrand and acquired a company called Provata Health. I delivered an extensive mobile app with hundreds of screens, fully prototyped, to be integrated into Provata's existing app.


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