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Nonprofit Branding

Modernize the Girls Are Powerful brand while maintaining the core values.

Girls Are Powerful
Logo, Brand Guide, Assets
Update the brand without losing the core values.
Refreshed brand, logo, and visuals with appeal to girls.
Management of brand assets and voice.

My Process

  • Sketch: Generate many loose ideas on paper.
  • Palette: Establish the brand palette base.
  • Feedback: Gather feedback and direction from founder.
  • Ideate and refine: Generate more ideas and refine based on feedback:
  • Variation: Create variants of final logo for different situations.

Research & Analytics

I researched the psychology of color and type to make my branding recommendations. I also looked at other brands that appeal to the same demographic.

Core Principles

  • Powerful: Owning power and using it wisely.
  • Beautiful: Realizing and cherishing beauty.
  • Unique: Proclaiming and honoring individuality.
  • Confident: Believing in self and showing the world.
  • Smart: Using intellect to make good decisions.
  • Determined: Persistently striving to achieve hopes and dreams.
  • Encouraging all girls to love and celebrate their Power of being Beautiful, Smart, Confident, Unique and Determined.

Project Execution

I started out sketching several logo ideas on grid paper, and then scanned and traced the best ones in Illustrator. The brand's vision, mission, and values really center around the pinwheel, so I stuck with that imagery for the logo and focused more on giving it a cleaner and more modern look and feel. I also maintained GRP's original base colors, as each of their core values were attached to a brand color. I presented a narrowed set of options to the founder, after which we worked together through several iterations in order to come up with a final design that she approved.


The final delivered products include:

  • Logo redesign, with variant treatments
  • Brand guide book
  • Custom visuals for website and social
  • Social media templates
  • Event flyers
  • Product mock-ups
  • Large format event banner (print)

I am proud of my time volunteering for Girls Are Powerful. I believe deeply in their mission "to empower girls to foster strength of character, change the way they view and feel about themselves, and embrace their unique individuality."


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Girls Are Powerful had the pleasure of having Aayla volunteer for several months as a graphic designer. She assisted us on several graphical projects where she brought her design talent and expertise into our space. We admired her love and creativity and appreciated her drive to exceed our expectations. As a professional, she never missed a project deadline and was very patient with as we uncovered our needs. She would be a great asset to any organization team! ‍ — Shawntan Howell, Founder & Executive Director